Beyoncé & Pepsi

According to the New York Times, Beyoncé and Pepsi have teamed up for an ad campaign that is due to launch in early 2013. Earlier this week Pepsi’s President, Brad Jakeman announced they have become “global partners” with Queen B.


On top of Beyoncé being scheduled to perform at the Pepsi Halftime show, Feb. 3, the singer will be in a new Live For Now TV commercial in the new year and Pepsi cans will be plastered with the singer’s face.


Photo Courtesy of Pepsi

Photo Courtesy of Pepsi


But there is more to the campaign than Beyonce being the new spokesperson for Pepsi.  Jakemen mentioned there will be “a host of creative projects, including social media and live events – and even an upcoming world tour.”


The deal is estimated at $50 million.


- Thelisia Davis-

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