Sierra Sharae
Is from Baton Rouge, LA
She likes to spend time with her family and friends, travel to different places, and meet new people.
She wants to be a entrepreneur and own her own clothing boutique (which she’s currently working on).
She can’t stand anyone that has a negative attitude or anyone that isn’t ambitious
But loves to make Youtube videos about fashion (her major at LSU), and to take on new projects like her own website that she plans to publish soon (
Q: If you could say something to the entire world what would you say?
A: If I could say anything to the world, I would say follow your dreams and be unstoppable when it comes to accomplishing them. Set goals for yourself and figure out when and how you will carry them out. Also, put your all into everything that you do and always believe in God! When you put your faith in God, everything else comes naturally!
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