Army Veteran Left With Bruises After Encounter With Baton Rouge Police Officer

Tonisha Hawkins posted on social media pictures of her bruised abdomen after an encounter which ended with her arrest by a Baton Rouge police officer. Hawkins an army veteran was in town for a few days to visit her grandmother. According to Hawkins her families home has been shot up more than once, including the night she was arrested. The post Hawkins made about the incident was reported and deleted from Facebook. 

Facebook post by Tonisha Hawkins

This is the account according to Hawkins, “There are neighbors across the street who make my mother uncomfortable and I asked him was everything ok, he got angry and irate so the police were called. When they came I gave them my license, told them I have no record, I’m a vet medically retired for ptsd. They ran everything and tried to diffuse the situation until S. Dorsey (BRPD) pulled up. Officer Dorsey and I have prior history when I called for help last summer. He was unprofessional and rude which in turn angered me. I asked for my license back, after it was ran, he refused. His ego overrode his authority and he cuffed me. My charges were ridiculous, (assault with a deadly weapon. I have no guns I have ptsd, assault of an officer, I pointed my finger, public intimidation and disorderly conduct. I was angry because he literally told me I made it worse by talking to him like I did and it could be more. Laughed while doing the paperwork saying, ”your record ain’t so clean now.”

Hawkins went on to say, “I got checked into parish prison and went to lockdown and had to strip naked. He told them I was suicidal but I never told anyone that nor was I. The guards checked the record as well as the psychologist and I was not supposed to be in lockdown. They were very apologetic.” 

Hawkins posted pictures of the bruises on her midsection on social media. The post had been shared over 100 times before it was reported and deleted. The Rouge Collection has filed a public records request for the body cam and dash cam footage from the incident. 

Images of damage done to Hawkins grandmother home from gunshots.

For Hawkins, she is angry that this isn’t the first time her grandmother’s home has been shot up. She fears it will happen again, but has concerns about engaging officers if this is the end result. 

More to come.