Art De Vie: Visual Artist, Bryson Boutte

Visual artist, Bryson Boutte, (appropriately nicknamed Munk given his cool & quiet demeanor) has always had love for the visual arts. He started painting in high school during art class but didn’t get serious about his talent until the summer of 2013.

“When I first got interested in art, it was rooted in graffiti and I was searching for a tag. I cycled through a few until I found myself watching a documentary on monks in Southeast Asia,” Boutte said. He was absorbed by their quest for inner peace and as a reminder, “I took the word monk on as my moniker.”

Having the name Munk, he says, helps keep him keep his ultimate goal of inner tranquility and humbleness in mind.

Boutte says he learned a little about art on his own at the beginning of discovering his talent, but he isn’t at ease with saying he is completely self-taught. He gives major credit to Allan Jones and John Hawthorne at the University of Louisiana–Lafayette. The two have helped enhance his skills as an artist and advance his expression across a broad array of art forms, including digital art, topography, animating, sculptures, even “the human spirit,” he adds.

Boutte created an original piece at Bits of Baton Rouge

Boutte created an original piece at Bits of Baton Rouge. Photo credit: Tamara Williams.


Currently he has a series that focuses somewhat of the human spirit. The “Human History” series “…draws a parallel between the present and the past, the physical and the metaphysical, the mind and our shared experience.”

His favorite medium, acrylic. “Its drying speed lets you create layers,” Boutte said. “Layers on top of paint and if I ever mess up, I can just work on another part of the piece and paint over it.”

His favorite art form, “Painting definitely. I mix a lot of my colors and do the blending on canvas so I’m constantly surprised by the results, I can get lost in a painting for hours.”

Visual artist, Bryson Boutte displays his finished artwork at Bits of Baton Rouge

Visual artist, Bryson Boutte displays his finished artwork at Bits of Baton Rouge. Photo credit: Tamara Williams

At the time of this interview we discussed the popularity of live art performances. In 2014, we saw a surge in events inviting artists like Bryson Boutte to create signature artwork on location. I asked him what he though about the development of these types of pieces. He answered, “When I started to see all the shows come up I was amazed then and even more now that I know who organizes these events. You always see these paintings online or on display but the process is an amazing experience that not too many people get.”

Some of the events Bryson has performed includes; Art Has a Home, Build the Fire by Modern Day Scribe and Bits of Baton Rouge.

Beyond that, Bryson just wants to keep on creating. He is currently living in Los Angeles. “This is my dream and to see so much support growing behind what I’m doing only pushes me to continue to chase it.”



Editor’s note: The description of Bryson’s current series come from his website, This article was originally published in The Rouge Collection’s January 2017 issue.