Baton Rouge Fashion Week Collects Donations for Alumni Flood Relief


Brandon Campbell, founder of Oneofakind™ Talent Inc., is big on sharing. Since the first year of the Oneofakind Baton Rouge Fashion Week (OBRFW), he has shared connections and opportunities with those who participate in the fashion shows. This year the sharing continues but as a response to devastation of the flooding Baton Rouge, along with other southeastern Louisiana areas, experienced just last year.

During the summer of 2016, the capitol city was hit with what some called “The Hundred Year Flood.” Homes and businesses were damaged from excessive rainfall and standing waters. Many families are still feeling its impact. When Campbell heard of the natural disaster, he immediately contacted past models, designers, staff, any relationships OBRFW has built over the years and their families his OBRFW alumni to check on their safety.

“Several alumni described to me the issues they were having. The lost of cars, homes, mildew, mold. There was a lot of fear. It was reminiscent of what happened in Hurricane Katrina,” said Campbell.

After hearing the stories of the people he has worked with in the past, Campbell decided to spring to action by collecting funds through OBRFW to donate to the families of fashion week alums.


Oneofakind has always been an organization that’s been charitable and community based. From its early work in Little Rock, Arkansas, where Campbell is from, to most recent shows expanding to Baton Rouge and other cities.

In the past, proceeds from OBRFW have been applied to the funding of art exhibitions and galleries throughout Louisiana and with the LSU Museum of Art. Giving back in experience and opportunity and paving the way for young people to express themselves as models, designers, stylists and even exploring the business side of fashion and event planning.

“If you want to receive help you have to give it. When you’re doing work like this you can’t think of self. A lot of people who are successful have been able to give, whether it be just their time or more. It’s an investment in your community.”


A portion of the proceeds from the fourth annual Oneofakind Baton Rouge Fashion Week will be donated directly to families of OBRFW alumni who’ve been impacted negatively due to the heavy floods that destroyed several areas in the Baton Rouge/Lafayette metro.

“I was inspired by those stories and we’re anticipating helping as much as we can.  We hope that the amount raised from ticket purchases and donations is significant. Every little bit helps.”

Oneofakind Baton Rouge Fashion Week 2017 takes place at the Belle of Baton Rouge, February 13-18.
Visit to join OBRFW in giving to flood victims in the Baton Rouge area.



Photo Credit: Molly Torian Photography