Baton Rouge Police Kill Alton Sterling Witness Say’s “Cops Pulled Gun Out of Sterlings Pocket”

A Baton Rouge Police Officer shot and killed Alton Sterling a 37 year old black male around 12:35am.  According to BRPD, they received a call of a man with a gun. Upon arriving officers attempted to detain Sterling, according to witness accounts.

The Rouge Collection went to the scene to talk with Abdul the owner of the store where Sterling sold CD’s in the parking lot. According to Abdul police arrived and confronted Sterling. After Sterling questioned officers about why they were attempting to detain him, the officers and Sterling got into a confrontation. One of the two officers tazed Sterling. He was taken down to the ground. Abdul then says while one officer held Sterling on the ground another yelled “gun” one of the officers fired 4 to 6 shots into Sterling’s chest while he was on the ground.

According to Abdul he never saw Sterling reach for a weapon. When asked when did the gun become visible Abdul said, “after the cop went inside his pocket and pulled it out.”

BRPD says they are reviewing footage from the scene and beginning an investigation. Watch the interview with Abdul the owner of Triple S Food Mart below. Stay tuned for more updates.