Black Business Spotlight: Tevin Wade is 28 & Owner of Core Electrical Contractors

Over the last few years we’ve had people consistently ask us to help identify black owned businesses. In an effort to begin to share with you some of the great black owned businesses in our community, we are going to begin to release community spotlights on black owned businesses. Starting with Tevin Wade is Construction Director and owner of Core Electrical Contractors LLC. 

We sat down with Tevin to discuss his company and the work they’re doing at Core Electrical. We did a Q&A format because you don’t want to hear from us, you want to hear from the business owner. 


Q: What made you start a business? 

A: I have always been passionate about being an entrepreneur. Even as a middle school and high school kid I use to sell candy from my book sack. My passion came from my mother. She had 5 kids and always strived to be an entrepreneur through real estate and other endeavors.  I also felt I had a responsibility to not only build a legacy and wealth for myself and kids but for my family. That’s why I am proud to say that all 4 of my brothers and sisters work for Core Electrical.

Q: What has been most rewarding about being an entrepreneur? 

A: The satisfaction of being able to provide opportunity and jobs to minorities in our community. I love the responsibility of making sure my staff of 15 employees are able to provide for their families. I am able to not only wake up every day doing what I’m passionate about which is construction. I also value having apart in developing a better city and state. Being in business allows me to invest money from Core Electrical into Core Enrichment Foundation which was founded to provide resources and educational opportunities, to enrich, & empower underprivileged communities is the greatest reward.

Q: What services or product does your business provide? 

A: Core Electrical Contractors provides electrical services for new construction and remodel commercial projects in the private and public sector. We also provide electrical services for new construction residential projects and subdivisions. We are growing the company to eventually move in the industrial sector as well.

Q: What lessons have you learned on the journey you’d like to share? 

A: Entrepreneurship is not easy. It’s a lot of 16hr work days, sleepless nights, and countless mistakes. A lot of entrepreneurs may seem to have it all together but it is tough. My advice would be to make sure you have a solid team in place. I have a team that has been by my side from the beginning and they are the only way possible we were able to scale at a fast but calculated pace. Jada Wade my office Manager, Bradley Brown my Business Development Manager, and Ariel Brown of Smith & Brown Management and Consulting handles our accounting side. 

Q: What are the challenges of being a young black professional? 

A: It is definitely a lot of challenges being a young black professional. As an electrical contractor that is working on scaling a large company being African American it’s tough gaining respect in the industry at such a young age. You have to learn to defend yourself while maintaining your self worth. Also picking your battles is key. We deal with road blocks all the time that prevent us from certain opportunities but you have to learn how to find ways around or through the walls and it’s not always easy, but we don’t give up.

Q: Without exposing all your plans, what does the future look like for your company? 

A: I am confident of the future of Core Electrical Contractors. Our number one goal is to scale. If we scale we are able to employ, train and provide opportunity to more people from our communities which in-turn will reduce crime, help out the income deficit, and also keep dollars circulating in the lower income areas my family grew up in.

Q: Why Baton Rouge? 

A: The Funny thing is I was once one who left Baton Rouge and said I wasn’t coming back but business opportunities kept pulling me back. I would get multiple calls about jobs back home so I decided to move back after the 2016 flood due to not only my property but a lot of my friends and families properties flooding. It was tough times to see everyone including myself go through these issues but I used the opportunity to leverage my business. I’ve always loved  Baton Rouge but it took time to realize that it takes businesses in a city like ours to help grow the city to the image we want it to be.


Final thoughts from Mr. Wade, “Core Electrical Contractors takes pride in providing quality, accountability, and efficiency. Finishing our projects on time and on budget with customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Any inquiries about electrical new construction and remodel projects can be sent to or call (225)447-6586.”