Black Mother Gets Arrested, White Cop Goes Back to Work, Justice In Baton Rouge

By now most of us have heard of the case of Schaquana Spears the 30 year old mother of 6 who was arrested for whipping her three sons. According to reports, Spears got a phone call from a neighbor who saw three of her children taking what appeared to be stolen goods into her home while she was away at work. Spears rushed home to check on the situation. She arrived and found her children trying to leave the house with the stolen goods. Spears reacts and grabs something and begins whipping the boys. She whipped the kids and left marks on them.

Here is the dilemma, Spears is a mother who tells local news stations she doesn’t want her children to end up like her husband, who is incarcerated. She catches them attempting the hide the fact that they broke the law, and began to punish them immediately. This is what good parents do. They address the problem before the children are caught up in the judicial system, and now this mother has been arrested. Yet we have forgotten Sgt. Todd Burgoyne the veteran police officer with the Baton Rouge Police Department who beat 16 year old Ja’Colby Davis in the back of the head in the middle of the day.

Here we have a mother who is attempting the keep her children from becoming a statistic and a rogue police officer who uses excessive force. If you watch the video of Ja’Colby Davis getting pummeled by Sgt. Burgoyne it leaves one to question, what would police officers had done to her three sons had they caught them in the act of burglarizing someone’s home? Sgt. Burgoyne beat 16 year old Davis for not moving fast enough. The crazy thing is, Burgoyne is back on the job. He could have been one of the cops called to scene to deal with Spears’ sons and heaven only knows what he would have done to her children.

Where was the Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry when Sgt. Burgoyne beat Ja’Colby Davis? Where was State Treasurer John Kennedy when Ja’Colby Davis was arrested after being savaged by a Baton Rouge police officer? Where was District Attorney Hillar Moore who actually had/has the power to bring charges against Sgt. Burgoyne? All of them were silent when a cop beat a black kid in public, and none of them called for the cop to be terminated.

Schaquana Spears, was attempting to keep her sons from becoming a statistic and some will never understand that. Our public officials are coming out to speak up for her, and I agree they should. I simply wish they cared as much about justice when one of their own breaks the law. Sgt. Todd Burgoyne is wearing a badge walking the streets of Baton Rouge. Who will give him proper dicilpline for his actions? Mrs. Spears handled her children, and has gotten national attention just for attempting to be a good mother. Who will handle Sgt. Todd Burgoyne for being a bad cop?

Spears attempted to teach her sons that it was wrong to steal and wouldn’t be accepted in her home. I challenge anyone who thinks she is wrong to try raising 6 kids alone in Baton Rouge. Burgoyne was just a cop who got away with police brutality and went back to work. Ja’Colby Davis is left with the mental scars of being beaten and arrested in public for nothing. Another young black male, now afraid to interact with the police.

A black parent trying to do the right thing finds herself arrested. A white cop caught on video doing the wrong thing finds himself back on the job. Is this what justice looks like in Baton Rouge? Simply put, Baton Rouge keeps making national news for all the wrong reasons. Shameful…