Breast Cancer Awareness: Risk Factors

Many women may know several aspects of breast cancer but many do not know the risk factors that cause breast cancer,  or any type of cancer for that matter.  Prevention for breast cancer can start by knowing what risk factors are associated with the development of breast cancer.   There are two types of factors,  genetic and environmental, and breast cancer can develop from one or combination of the two.

Genetic factors include unchangeable aspects such as gender,  age,  race, personal and family health history.  Breast cancer affects 100 times more often in women than in men and two out of three women are diagnosed after the age of 55.  In addition, if your mother, father, siblings or children have been diagnosed for breast cancer you have a higher risk of developing breast cancer in the future. Mutations in genes can also increase your risk of breast cancer, and these mutated genes can be transferred to children.

Environmental and lifestyle factors can be avoidable and/or improved by simply changing a few bad habits.   Factors include lack of physical activity, poor diet, radiation and alcohol consumption.  A lazy lifestyle without any physical activity, such as jogging, or simple workout habits, can greatly increase your chances of developing this disease.  A diet without a healthy consumption of fruits and vegetables can also increase the likelihood of this disease occurring.

Although a great number of women may relate to several of these factors, this does not entirely mean you will develop breast cancer.  Some patients will develop breast cancer and will not have any connection with the risk factors listed above while other patients with known risk factors will.  It is important to understand and be conscious of all the risk factor so prevention and/or treatment can be easier for you.

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