Cleve Dunn Jr. Nominated For AMAC Catalyst Awards

BTR Airport Commission Chairman Cleve Dunn, Jr. has been nominated for two Catalyst Awards by the Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC). The AMAC Catalyst Awards honor persons who have made outstanding contributions to furthering the goals of AMAC. 

The Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) AMAC’s mission is to promote the inclusion of minorities and women in employment and contracting opportunities throughout the aviation industry. Since 1984, AMAC has been at the forefront of nearly every national policy initiative impacting the participation of disadvantaged businesses in airport contracting. AMAC works consistently with congress, the federal government, aviation trade associations and others as a resource for information, education, and guidance on business and employment matters.

Chairman Dunn’s nominations include: 

AMAC Advocate of the Year Award: This award recognizes an individual within the industry who has been an outstanding spokesperson, educator, innovator, advocate, and strategic partner with AMAC for diversity inclusion in the field of aviation, aerospace (Aeronautical influences such as pilots, airlines, aerospace, educators in the field), or corporate leaders that contribute and encourage minority opportunities and growth in these areas.   

AMAC Inclusive Leader Award: This award honors an organization that has demonstrated diversity inclusion within its corporate structure of procurement and employment. Nominees are viewed within the industry as a leader for supplier diversity, best practices and fostering business capacity with its diverse partners. Nominees should demonstrate support of AMAC’s goals and mission. 

Cleve Dunn Jr. Chairman of the Baton Rouge Airport Commission.

Dunn said of the nomination, ”I am honored to receive the Catalyst Award nominations from such a prestigious organization as AMAC. I want to thank the AMAC Catalyst Award nominating committee for valuing and recognizing the work that many of us do around the country to promote minority-owned businesses, and increase contracting opportunities and professional advancement for minorities in the aviation and aerospace industries,” said Dunn. 

He went on to say, “I do not accept these award nominations alone. I also accept them on the behalf of all the current and former Baton Rouge Metro Airport Board of Commissioners that have advocated for minority-owned and disadvantaged businesses while serving on our commission. Finally, I’d like to thank the Baton Rouge Metro Airport Administration and numerous staff members who have been committed to inclusion and increasing the participation of minority-owned and disadvantaged business enterprises.” 

Award winners will be announced at the 2018 AMAC Airport Diversity Conference in Seattle the third week of August. 

Dunn has been instrumental in the process to have an equitable approach to the current search for a new aviation director for the Baton Rouge Airport. Dunn was a part of the search committee made up of council members and airport commissioners to interview the candidates and recommended 3 to the metro council to vote on. The council is down to two candidates for the position and expected to make a decision in the next few weeks.