Community Organizations Join Together To Protest At Baton Rouge Metro Council Meeting

A group of local community leaders and organizers plan to protest at today’s Metro Council meeting at 222. St. Louis Street at 3p. The groups met and joined together to demand the officers involved in the murder of Alton Sterling are fired, charged and arrested.

Some of the organizations participating in the effort are, the Baton Rouge Chapter of The NAACP, the Nation of Islam, the National Alliance for Social Justice, the Baton Rouge Community Coalition, Progressive Social Network, The Resistance, Stop the Violence, and several other community leaders and organizers. The groups will meet and plan to prevent business from moving forward at the Metro Council.

The organizations are encouraging all those who believe that justice must be served concerning the murder of Alton Sterling are encouraged to join them at city hall, dressed in black if you can. The organizers will meet on the steps of city hall before going upstairs to the 3rd floor for today’s metro council meeting.