Councilman Scott Wilson Like His Father Buddy Wilson Is A Racist & Should Be Replaced

Scott Wilson is the East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Council Member who represents Central and other rural areas of the parish. He is the son of former councilman Buddy Wilson. Buddy Wilson was a councilman and was a East Baton Rouge Parish Constable at some point. The Wilson family has had Scott elected as a council member and Brian Wilson elected as the East Baton Rouge Parish Tax Assessor. Son’s of a man who thought it was okay to call black people the N-word are leading in this community.

In the late 90’s there was a lawsuit filed against the Constable’s Office. An Advocate story from the time talks about when the case was settled against Buddy Wilson and others.

According to an excerpt from The Advocate, “After an 11-month investigation, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission concluded in September that Wilson, Hicks and other supervisors regularly used the word “nigger” and fostered racial hostility in the Constable’s Office.”

The city-parish of East Baton Rouge Parish lost money because of the racism of one member of the Wilson family. Scott Wilson is going to be next in the family line to allow his bigotry to stand in the way of the rights of others.

At last Wednesday’s metro council meeting, Scott Wilson who is the mayor pro-tem of the council abused his power. The role of the mayor pro-tem is to conduct the meeting. Community leaders met and decided to attend the metro council meeting and to oppose the city moving forward with business based on two officers being on administrative leave for the past 10 months after shooting and killing Alton Sterling.

It is the right of a citizen to speak for or against an item at the council. You are allowed 3 minutes to speak on the issue. Scott Wilson abused his power, because when tax paying citizens of this community got up to speak, he shut them down and had them escorted out.

There has been an argument that the council isn’t the right place to protest, or to speak on this issue. The truth is, the council is the perfect place to speak on this issue. Wilson and the other council members approve the budget for the police department, therefor they are spending our tax dollars to continue to pay the officers who killed Alton Sterling.

Here is the problem. Scott Wilson shut the voices of multiple black people who came to the mic to speak against moving forward with the meeting. I was even arrested for demanding that I had a right to speak. Wilson allowed a white woman to stand at the mic for nearly her entire three minutes and speak on the same issue. She spoke about Alton Sterling, she spoke about the metro council doing nothing, and was allowed to speak. Until she said, “I also like how I was not violently removed for standing up here, like the two men before me who stood and spoke. I said the same things, as soon as they said, two black men said, Alton Sterling, July 5th — you guys violently grabbed them and removed them.”

It wasn’t until she called Wilson on his racism and bigotry that he had her removed. The truth is, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree in the Wilson family. Scott’s father was a racist who cost the city-parish what today would amount to half a million dollars — and if we allow Wilson to remain in the position his racism and bigotry will cost the tax payers of this community money.

If a tax payer opposes an item, they have the right to stand and speak on why they oppose an item. Scott Wilson cannot determine if their reason for opposition is valid or not, especially if the subject pertains to how the city of Baton Rouge does it’s business. People oppose items because they think it will cost tax payers too much money. People oppose items, because they don’t believe the project is a good project. We oppose the all items, because the city is using our tax dollars to pay a man who killed one of it’s citizens and did so in a horrible way. That is a legitimate reason to oppose the city moving forward with its business.

Nothing should be more important to our government than the lives of it’s citizens, and we should not take it lightly when a life is snatched from the earth by a sworn officer of the law. Blane Salamoni put a gun to Alton Sterling’s head, and told him “Don’t fucking move or I’ll shoot your fucking head bitch.”  This violates police protocol. It escalates a situation unnecessarily. The actions of this officer cost Alton Sterling his life and put the life of the officer on duty with him in jeopardy. Scott Wilson believing that paying out someone’s sewage settlement is more important than discussing that proves how little a black life mean to him. The officers who killed Alton Sterling should be fired, today.

Wilson denied people, their first amendment rights because he didn’t want to hear what they had to say, because of the color of their skin. It is clear because every black person who spoke was removed and the white woman who addressed the same issue was allowed to speak.

The members of the metro council should immediately put an item on the agenda to elect a new mayor pro-tem and select someone new. Wilson’s father disgraced this city-parish, we need to stop him before he does the same.