Democrats Nationally Should Take A Play From The Republican Playbook and Fight

I am a proud democrat. I believe the ideals of the party are closer to what America should be — democrats fight for the marginalized and voiceless people of America. The party is not without fault, but it is more of a reflection of what I believe a progressive America is. I supported Bernie Sanders for president in the primary. He had big ideas, he was willing to talk about those ideas, and mobilized millions of people to get excited about his view of what America could be. For many reasons, including unfair play in the democratic party, Bernie was not the democratic nominee. I won’t debate that here or any where else for that matter, we ended up with Hillary Clinton and we lost the election. 

Clinton’s loss should serve as a wake up call to what I call conservative democrats. Conservative democrats are those who approach every single thing considering how conservatives will respond to it. Republicans are the total opposite. They cater to their base and they don’t care if their idea makes sense to democrats, it is their plan and they are willing to blow up the government to make it happen. I have watched state after state become controlled by the republican party, not because they played it safe, but because they stretched their position to make people feel like someone was going to go to Washington, or to the state capital, or city hall and fight for them — and the truth is, when they get elected they go and fight. I disagree with almost everything they fight for, but never the less they fight. 

Where are the fighters in the democratic party? We have become afraid to call out local racism and bigotry, because we don’t want the local media to negatively paint us. Donald Trump became president saying some of the most ridiculous things in modern history. He was even caught on tape saying he “grabs women by the pussy.” His election proves to me and millions of American’s around the country, what the majority of American people want is a fighter. Clinton may have won the popular vote, but she was unable to convince the every day working people that she would be a fighter for them. 

When you are dealing with a bully, you don’t beat them by talking nice. You beat them by bringing equal force to prove that you aren’t afraid. The Republican party has become a party of thugs and bullies, and it is time we fight them. It is time those elected to serve us have the courage to use whatever collective power they have to block the moves of republicans, and if you can’t block them fight like hell and make as much noise about it as possible to inform the people of what is taking place in their government. 

Whatever you learned in political science class is officially out the window. This is a new form of politics, one where we must use the tools at our disposal, like social media to engage the electorate in ways that we haven’t in the past. It is time out for cute videos, and nice catch phrases. The White House and the State Houses, will be won back through get it out the mud, dig in your heels, fights. From protest, to filibusters, to mailers, whatever it takes. 

We can be the party of compromise no more. We can’t be consistently losing races and approach these things trying to be more like republicans. In my home state of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards became governor because he ran against David Vitter, not because he was a democrat that was kind of like a republican. If he is going to get re-elected governor, he’s going to have to go hard line as a democrat, mobilize new, young progressives, and get out the vote. He will not win as the middle of the road candidate in 2019, because he won’t be running against David Vitter. This is the case not just in Louisiana, but all over. We must become what the people want in order to take back power from this party of hypocrites and exclusionist. 

There are too many issues worth fighting for, to have back door champions for progress and public wimps. The American people are looking for something new, we need to channel the fire and frustration of this Trump presidency, into the fuel that helps us build what the Reverend William Barber calls a moral revolution. An America that lines up with liberty and justice for all.