District Attorney Hillar Moore Lied, He Knew About Silky Slim BRAVE Contract

District Attorney Hillar Moore has gone on the record with multiple news outlets stating he was unaware of a contract between that Baton Rouge Police Department’s BRAVE program and Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed. In an email obtained by The Rouge Collection we found that Moore has known about the contract since May 2nd. In response to an email sent to Moore and Mark Dumaine about contracting with Reed’s “Stop The Killing Inc.” Moore responded, “we will try.”


The question becomes, why did Moore lie to the public about knowing about the contract? Reed has been speaking about the need to reduce crime in communities of color for years now. Encouraging young people to stop the killing around the country.

In the email originally sent to Moore, Dr. James Gilmore said both the name of Reed’s company as well as referenced him by name. “Unless you have money in your DA budget, can you or a member of your staff put together a one page mentoring proposal for Stop the Violence.” Further down in the email Gilmore said, “However, for contracts to organizations they require the proper insurances, which Silk may or may not have.”

There is no way that Moore can say that he was unaware of the contract based on the email he was sent and responded to.

Since the revelation of Reed having a contract with city parish government using BRAVE dollars a host of black business leaders have been under attack by the mainstream media of Baton Rouge. Moore has only attempted to distance himself from the situation, but he has been fully aware of the contract since day 1. Prior to any formal approval, Moore seems to have given his approval by stating “we will try.”

If Moore is being dishonest about something as simple as being aware of the contract, what else has he been dishonest with the people of Baton Rouge about?