Group Of Tara High Students Flown On Private Jet To Saints Game Courtesy of Jim Bernhard

The Saints just fell to the Dallas Cowboys in a close game, but a group of teens from Baton Rouge go to witness the game in Dallas firsthand. The students all of Tara High School, where Baton Rouge businessman Jim Bernhard spoke and committed to giving these young men the chance to fly on his jet to see the saints play if they stepped up and improved. 

Photos were shared to social media by the group TRUCE which is tasked with helping reduce violence in the capital city. The caption under the photo explained how the students from Tara high were headed to Dallas. The post said, “Congratulations to our students from Tara High School #OneLunchWednesday! Mr. Jim Bernhard challenged these young people to do well in school and stay dedicated & in return he would reward them by flying them on his private jet to Dallas to watch the Dallas Cowboys vs Saints Game on this afternoon! We are so proud of your commitment and we are truly grateful for you Mr. Bernhard! A little hope goes a long way! Keep up the great work guys! #TRUCE” 

The young men will fly back immediately after the saints game. This obviously made these kids year, and Jim Bernhard is making good on his commitment to investing in young people to help build a stronger community.