Tragedy and devastation is nothing new to Louisiana residents. We have definitely had our fair share of the latter, and can give a first hand account on the feelings of desperation and despair that one can feel after losing everything they own to a natural disaster. As many may know, Haiti has also recently experienced despair and desperation of their own due to Hurricane Matthew, ravaging most of the southern most part of the land there.

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The devastation in Haiti was astounding, and disheartening. The death toll is now is at approximately 1,000 according to a poll taken in early October. If the devastation from the storm wasn’t enough, now the brothers and sisters in Haiti are battling keeping a Cholera outbreak at bay. Cholera can cause extreme diarrhea and even death if left untreated. The latter has proven to be a challenge, with debris closing many road ways, as well as the lack of medicine and clean drinking water. It goes without saying that this country is in great need.

So, in the spirit of helping I felt it necessary for me to do something that could bring awareness and maybe even monetary assistance to my brothers and sisters in Haiti. To help, I created the design “Haiti I Am With You” and started a t-shirt campaign via

haiti i am with you shirt

The bold lettering accompanied by the Haiti Coat of Arms, is meant to be a symbol of solidarity, and compassion for those affected by the recent tragedy in Haiti. The design is available on a variety of apparel, and there is something that fits everyone’s budget.

Basic T-shirts


Crew Necks

Sleeveless T-shirts

and even Coffee Mugs

haiti 1 haiti hoodie haiti-man-short-sleeve

How does buying a hoodie or t-shirt help Haiti? Well, I did my research and decided on a non-profit, that I will donate 100% of the profits to. There are several non-profits that ACTUALLY do what they are supposed to do and help people in need, and all were deserving. However, the non-profit organization that I felt would be most ideal is NOVA Hope for Haiti. Nova Hope is currently on the ground in Haiti, and they were also affected by the storm’s devastation.

The campaign is coming to an end and the last day to make purchases will be November 4th.

Let’s do our part and help those in need.

Click the link below. Share it with your friends and family.

Haiti I Am With You

Be Blessed.

This is Dynasty J with another Beauty and Style update.


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