If Louisiana Is Struggling Cut the Pay of the Governor, State Elected Officials, and Top Administrators; Start There

The problem with government is everyone is forced to feel the pinch based on the decisions of a few. Now I’m a democrat, but I’m also a business owner, so I understand the need to spend and the need to cut when necessary. Louisiana is facing tough times and make no mistake about it, the republican path is to blame for where we are.

I won’t take long on this matter because it’s like beating a dead horse – but I believe Gov. Edwards, every state legislator, and all the top state administrators should start fixing this budget crisis with the shared sacrifice of taking pay cuts. Will the pay cuts fill the massive $1 billion deficit our state faces? No, but it will show that the administration understands that sacrifices must be made.

You see, before you talk about cutting TOPS, which helps families around our state pay for college, it would have been nice to hear the governor say that he recommends that everyone share in the sacrifice. Education should not be where we start with cuts, our state is failing if we do so. 

State legislators need to feel the burn of less money in their pockets as well, because maybe then they will think about the choices they make with the states money before they do so. The job of leaders is to lead and I’ve found that the best leaders lead by example. If everyone else is going to have to feel the effects of these issues, the people who vote on them should feel them even more.

You see in business, if I don’t meet payroll, I’m the last person to get paid, AFTER all the bills are paid, the small business owner has the ability to see what’s left and decide what they will take home. Instead of catered luncheons during this special session, maybe a few bread and bologna sandwiches is what lawmakers should eat, because raising taxes, cutting services, and “balancing the budget” will put Louisianans in a difficult position and they should understand what that looks like.

The problem with government is, they have the ability to do so much good but, because of political agendas and wanting to get elected, too many are willing to sacrifice what’s right, for what’s in their best political interest.

If the governor and each legislator agrees to take a pay cut until we solve this mess, that will speak toward how much they value doing right by the people of our great state. There are more than enough people working for the governor and the state earning over $100,000 a year that could afford to take a pay cut until this problem is fixed. What I’ve learned in my short life is, when people share in the sacrifice they learn from it and do better in the future. I hope we have leaders that will lead by example. We shall certainly see.

February 12, 2016 11:45a