For the past few weeks, the art exhibit titled Louisiana State of Mind has graced the LSU Union Art Gallery with immaculate art pieces and eye catching photographs that capture the true beauty of Louisiana. The exhibit has been open since October 17th and will remain open until December 19th. From artist like Thomas Neff who brings viewers back to a devastating time in Louisiana’s history, his heart-felt photographs of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction. Neff was an evacuee assistant and a first responder to people in need who stayed behind during Katrina.

During his time in New Orleans he was able to capture the pain and heartache of residents who struggled for survival. Neff’s artistic twist granted him the power to produce passionate photos that told a story of families and homes in distress. Another artist whose work can be seen in the exhibit is Diego Larguia. In contrast to Neff, Larguia’s paintings focus on Louisiana State University.  He transforms the everyday perspective of the campus and makes the visual appearance into a beautiful getaway expressed with luminous colors and depictions of what Louisiana State University looks like through his eyes. After this exhibit visitors will view the institution in a whole new light.

Robert Warren and Rhea Gary are also artists whose work can be seen at the gallery. Warren and Gary’s art focuses on the restoration of the wetlands. Through all the turmoil and ill that has come upon the Louisiana wetlands; they challenge that notion and produce paintings that exemplify the virtue of the wetlands. “Though nature may be destroyed or disturbed at times, there will always be a restoration process.” While these artists are not the only ones who contributed to the gallery, we also see Mary Ann Caffery and Mary Lee Eggart’s artistic works. Caffery and Eggart contrast to the other artists because they use different tools to express the elegance of Louisiana. Caffery’s photographs show pictures of dancers posing by the LSU Lakes in a graceful manner to portray the postures of birds. Eggart uses watercolors and colored pencils express the essence of the brightly colored birds by using shapes and patterns.

In all, these artists show the true beauty of this state as a whole and they are exactly what comes to mind when I think of the illustrious vision of Louisiana. This exhibit is free and open to the public. The hours of the exhibit are: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm and Saturday 12:00pm -4:00pm For more information call (225) 578-5162