LSU Fans Value Tiger More Than Humans, Comments Prove It

Louisiana State University’s mascot, Mike VI was diagnosed with cancer during the summer. He underwent radiation treatment from some of the best doctors at Our Lady of the Lake. But unfortunately, Mike’s cancer spread and he was euthanized on Tuesday.

LSU fans voiced their sadness across numerous social media sites before, during and after Mike’s death, including postings on Tiger Droppings, an online discussion board.

A post by user meauxjeaux2 quoted a statement made by TRC publisher, Gary Chambers. It read: “It’s sad white people in Baton Rouge care more and have more compassion for Mike the Tiger dying of cancer than they did #AltonSterling. If they claim belief in God, but care more for an animal than human life, God ain’t in that…”

Some users were outraged at the accusation and others simply agreed. Then there were those whose comments proved the statement true.

Hatred spewed from some fans’ keyboards and onto the screen, proving that the society still has a long way to go.

A comment from a user named tunechi read: “I absolutely care more about Mike than Sterling’s bitch ass.”

I could see what Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Jane Pittman, Madam CJ Walker, Ruby Bridges and so many others fought for, slip slowly down the drain and into the gutters, dismissed like it was just nonsense.

How far have we really come when we can’t value a human’s life, criminal or not? Black or white? Arabian or Jewish?

Just last week on Friday, as reported by the Daily Reveille, LSU student Jawan Fox attended a party and left with swastikas drawn all over his neck.

Though the swastika is sacred in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Odinism, it is widely known for being a symbol of the German Nazi Party, a group who discriminated against a group of people because they weren’t the same as them.

Drawing them on someone’s body as a joke? Not acceptable.

As a human race, we must come together if we want anything to change and if we want anything to work. Always being on different sides will only result in disaster and ultimately self-destruction. We have a long way to go, especially with elections quickly approaching.

People will always have opposing viewpoints because, let’s face it, that’s the way we’re made. I wouldn’t change that. However, if we can’t help each other and at least try to understand each other, how will we ever grow?