Let’s set the scene, cheers roaring from left and right, screaming fans chanting to the top of their lungs and eagerly waiting for the final outcome of the game. As the clock approaches the end we see a victory granted for the home team. Suddenly, the excitement is overwhelming and the joyful fans take off and flood the field.

On Saturday’s game after the much needed win against Ole Miss, LSU’s fans proved their team spirit and stormed the field with glee. What was seen as an exciting and breath-taking moment that will go down in history, later caused havoc for the athletic department.  While many think that flooding the field was a sign of appreciation and fan support others feel that the fans not only put themselves in danger but also the players. The Southeastern Conference spoke out about the fans behavior and fined LSU’s Athletic Department for $5,000. In 2004, a new policy went into action; “Fans are not allowed to enter the playing/competition field.” This was the first violation for Louisiana State University. The second violation will cost the department $25,000 and the third $50,000. The Athletic Director of LSU, Joe Alleva, said he doesn’t mind paying the fine and even stated he is willing to pay it again two weeks from now when LSU faces their rivals, Alabama.

So who’s to say this won’t happen again? Will Death Valley have a takeover of enthusiastic die-hard fans? Or will authorities try to stop the fans in their tracks? No one knows, so I guess we’ll have to wait until the face-off between the LSU Tigers and The Alabama Crimson Tide.

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