Mayor Sharon Weston Broome Holds Community and Law Enforcement Meeting Ahead of Alton Sterling DOJ Decision

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome’s first official day on the job began with a
meeting Mayor Broome called to bring community leaders and local law enforcement officials
together to discuss police and community relations. Following a course of action Mayor Broome
detailed in her inaugural address on Monday evening, Broome called the meeting ahead of the
anticipated Department of Justice decision on Alton Sterling.

Broome said police relations and rebuilding trust between police officers and the community are
a top priority for her administration and she will be proactive in leading the discussion. “The
meeting and conversation yesterday was insightful and honest. All parties were respectful and
agreed changes must be made in order to move our community forward. “ Mayor Broome said
that in the near future she will convene additional meetings to achieve the goal of building
confidence and trust in the community.

Attending were a wide range of community leaders and law enforcement representing various
entities including faith-based organizations, Together Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge Police
Department, Louisiana State Police, 100 Black Men of Baton Rouge and others. Participants
included District Attorney Hillar Moore, Sheriff Sid Gautreaux, Col Mike Edmonson, Major
Doug Carson, Jared Sandifer, Casey Hicks, Murphy Paul, J.B. Slaton, Mark Dumaine, L.
McKneely, Jonny Dunnam, ; Community Leaders: Kelvin Cryer, Michael AV Mitchell, Rev.
Charles Wallace, Michael Victorian, Cleve Dunn, Jr., Gary Chambers, Tonja Myles, Emanuel
Milton, Rene Brown, Dr. Joyce Plummer, Alfreda Bester, Broderick Bagert, Fr. Richard Andrus
and others.