For years, baseball has been known as the “small business” sport. In fact, a few years ago, most of the MLB teams had payrolls that were less than $100 million.

Today, the average MLB player’s salary almost doubles that of an NFL player. Even though the MLB’s teams payrolls have yet to surpass the average NBA team’s payroll, baseball is still a growing franchise in the United States.

According to the Associated Press, 22 franchises started the 2015 season with payrolls of $100
million or better. That’s phenomenal considering a short 10 years ago; only 3 franchises had payrolls of $100 million.

What does that say about baseball?

That says a mouthful! Though we may think America’s love for baseball has diminished and that baseball may not necessarily be “America’s Favorite Pastime” anymore, there are still those dedicated fans who love the sport more and more each year. Thus, the sport has a continuous flow of healthy earnings.

Even the teams that do not get paid as much are not too far behind on the big bucks. Three years ago, there were 16 teams whose payrolls were less than $90 million. Today? ONLY SIX! What a difference! The remaining three make less than $85 million, but are still climbing the payroll
ladder. The bottom of the MLB payroll still looks mighty good!

Here’s a look at the payrolls for each MLB team:

2015 MLB Opening Day Payrolls
1. Los Angeles Dodgers–$272,789,040
2. New York Yankees–$219,282,196
3. Boston Red Sox–$187,407,202
4. Detroit Tigers–$173,813,750
5. San Francisco Giants–$172,672,111
6. Washington Nationals–$164,920,505
7. Los Angeles Angels–$150,933,083
8. Texas Rangers–$142,140,873
9. Philadelphia Phillies–$135,827,500
10. Toronto Blue Jays–$122,506,600
11. St. Louis Cardinals –$120,869,458
12. Seattle Mariners–$119,789,060
13. Chicago Cubs–$119,006,885
14. Cincinnati Reds–$117,197,072
15. Chicago White Sox–$115,238,678
16. Kansas City Royals–$113,618,650
17. Baltimore Orioles–$110,146,097
18. Minnesota Twins–$108,945,000
19. Milwaukee Brewers–$105,002,536
20. Colorado Rockies–$102,006,130
21. New York Mets–$101,409,244
22. San Diego Padres–$100,675,896
23. Atlanta Braves–$97,578,565
24. Arizona Diamondbacks–$91,518,833
25. Pittsburgh Pirates–$88,278,500
26. Cleveland Indians–$86,091,175
27. Oakland Athletics–$86,086,667
28. Tampa Bay Rays–$76,061,707
29. Houston Astros–$70,910,100
30. Miami Marlins–$68,479,000