North Baton Rouge Students Need Your Help

Gabrielle Deculus, founder of @BusinessRulesForWomen, and The Rouge Collection have come together to launch a host of initiatives to aid in disaster relief for North Baton Rouge. Right now donations are being accepted to help buy book sacks for children who lost everything in the flood.

We can all do something to impact the lives of people.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana is in a state of disaster. Thousands of families have lost their homes, cars, and clothes. North Baton Rouge is the most impacted and overall neglected community in the area. I created this campaign because this is my home, and will not sleep until I do my very best to assist as many families as possible.

The funds raised will help families that are displaced and living in hotels, in need of food/water/clothing, and any other immediate need like medication or injury. There will be documentation of who we help and how. All funds will be sent to me to disperse and purchase items needed for the community. I have a very capable team helping me on the ground and welcome all volunteers. If you know someone that needs assistance, please contact me ASAP.

— Gabrielle Deculus, Business Rules for Women Founder
If you have any questions or want to assist on the ground, please contact Gabrielle through the GoFundMe page.