Sex Trafficking & A Black Book Called Backpage

Online shopping is a convenient way to purchase anything at any hour from your computer or mobile device. It’s as easy as a click of a button to order anything from shoes to cell phones to sexual favors. Backpage, is a classified advertising website, the second largest after Craigslist in the US. The “Backpage business” is believed to be responsible for a lot of sex trafficking in Baton Rouge.

I remember how my ex jokingly mentioned Backpage on occasion amongst friends. First hearing of this Backpage, aware of their slang infiltrated conversations, I thought it to be some fictional place or a code name for a “duck off” of some sort. Silly me!

As time went by and I began to introduce myself to people from all walks of life, as you would have it, either the term was used more frequently or I’d started to be more attentive.

I started a new job and soon after, one of my co-workers had grown comfortable enough to maintain a conversation with me on a more personal level. Joy filled his eyes when he informed me that the next payday he’d spend all of his earnings on Backpage. I realized that some men were willing to spend all of their hard earned cash on one pleasurable night or even just a few minutes of sexual enjoyment.

I even recall one night, hanging out outside the Hookah in Tigerland, I met this gorgeous female. In a haste, she befriended my bestie and I. She extended to us an invitation to accompany her and her entourage for some drinks on the patio. Little did I know this wouldn’t be the last invitation I’d receive. After a memorable night, we kept in touch through text messages and made promises to link up again.ITr86tWlxfE

One day following an unexpected series of half nude pictures, Sadie, as I will refer to her, asked if I wanted to come along on one of her escapades. I was in shock to say the least, then it hit me, my new “friend” was definitely on Backpage!

I confronted her with my suspicion and she revealed to me that my assumption was true. “Whatever it takes to feed my daughter.” She even went on to ask me how I think she got her “nice a** whip” and all her other nice things. She sang proudly, “Compliments of Backpage!”

I could not believe it, I had just recently learned about the existence of this website and now a “representative” was looking to recruit me. Apparently, the come up is real but this is one ship I’ll have to miss.

My most recent (and I’m willing to bet won’t be my last) encounter with this infamous Backpage was when I stopped at a gas station in Sherwood. This eye candy of a man approached me and used his inviting smile to lure me in. I grew interested and his charm along with a few compliments almost won him my number but minutes into the conversation the intentions outlined in his proposal alarmed me. When I declined the offer to “keep him company” in Motel 6 for 30 minutes, he grew infuriated and began to spat all sorts of expletives at me.

flowers-roses_00261911I was appalled when he offered 60 roses in exchange for my goodies. Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous! You see, on the Internet and the ever expanding world of prostitution, the term “roses” is code for dollars, used to symbolize monetary gain from this whole ordeal (60 roses = 60 dollars).

So how closely are you watching your daughter, your sister, your niece? Could you have ignored her cries for help and she then took to Backpage to make ends meet? Wake up!

Backpage ads are not always posted by “desperate for a dollar” women seeking to use what they have to get what they want. Often times pimps are behind the computer screen “marketing” their ladies to prospective “johns”. Unfortunately, sometimes the ladies are instead, minors forced against their will to be an escort.

Recently, Governor Bobby Jindal signed four bills to protect victims of sex trafficking. One of the bills outlines that funds generated from the sale be deposited in the Exploited Children’s Special Fund.

On another note, Baton Rouge ranks No. 1 for AIDS rates in major metropolitan areas in the country, for the second year in a row. It’s sad that 1 in 5 people have HIV and don’t even know they are infected. Considering the prevalence of AIDS and HIV, you’d think people would be more cautious in their endeavors, but money is the root of all evil and everyone seems to be infatuated with the almighty dollar.

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