Stacy Dash Got it Wrong. Oscar’s Boycott is Not About Segregation, Intergration But Equality

In a little under 2 minutes, Stacy Dash managed to piss Black people off…again.

Dash, FOX news contributor, was asked about her thoughts regarding the Oscar’s. Specifically Jada Pinkett-Smith and Spike Lee’s response to the award show lacking people of color in their nominations for the second year in a row.

Stacy Dash disagrees with the call for a boycott. At one point in the interview she said, “…either we want segregation or integration.” It was then that (if I wasn’t sure before) I knew this woman is off her rocker. It shouldn’t be either-or, I think she missed the argument. It’s about equality.

She brought up the BET Awards and Black History Month to help her case but the only reason those things exist is because someone got tired of being underestimated, underrepresented, and marginalized.

Those examples she used came up as a response, not an attempt at segregation. Just like this Oscar boycott. To me the boycott says, “If you don’t want to play fair, I can take my toys and leave.”

Toward the end of the interview though, I learned something and I appreciate Stacy Dash for this nugget of information – there isn’t much diversity in the group who makes the nominations for the Oscars. How could any brown person in Hollywood expect them to play fair?

It’s easy to exclude someone who doesn’t look like you when you never have to consider them, because they aren’t in the room when you make decisions. Decisions that could be based on conscientious stupidity (racism) or willful ignorance.

Dash also proposed that we do away with responsive entities like BET or the Image Awards in an attempt to assimilate. “We are Americans. Period. That’s it”

But that’s not it. Yes we are all citizens of America but not everyone is as willing as Stacy to give up their racial identity just to appease someone else.

Like my sister said, “Stacy Dash played a teenaged girl once, what authority does she have to comment on this and be taken seriously?”

January 20, 2016