The Broome Dynasty Wins Again, With Ronnie Edwards being Elected to Serve as State Representative in District 29

Some will criticize this conversation starter, but not saying it doesn’t make it untrue. Sen. Sharon Weston-Broom has sent one after another from her staff to elected office. First it was Rep. Regina Barrow and now it has happened again with Councilwoman Ronnie Edwards taking Barrow’s seat.

Councilwoman Edwards has gone on to win the seat Sen. Elect Barrow moved on from after being term limited. District 29 has now elected the third woman to that seat. First Sen. Broome who was the state representative for district 29. Then Barrow ascended to the seat after being Broome’s legislative aide, now Edwards who was also the assistant of Broome.

So tonight was a big win for Sen. Broome and the women who seem to run black Baton Rouge’s politics. It is a telling thing that in the black community, we have zero black men on the metro council elected. We have now only one black male from Baton Rouge in the state legislator now. Yet Baton Rouge has thousands of black men. Black men are under-represented in Baton Rouge politics.

In the white community, they elect more men than women. Not to say that women should not be elected, because certainly they should, but we need some balance in the black community.

Edwards is now elected to become the next state representative from the dynasty of Broome and she didn’t even have to campaign to win. She didn’t attend any forums, she did no radio interviews, she simply won from name recognition. What troubles me about this as a voter from district 29 is, outside of sending out a mailer, she didn’t have to defend her record.

I think when we cast our vote that we should know what their plan is for the future in specifics, Edwards didn’t answer any of those questions. Her opponent however showed up and answered questions. Honestly, in the white community, this would never have happened. We as blacks blindly vote for people, based on name recognition and we must change this pattern.

I do hope the best for Representative Elect Edwards. I simply wonder what North Baton Rouge will get out of the deal. I couldn’t vote for someone who hasn’t answered any questions concerning their plans if elected. Telling me that you’ve been on the council for 7 years simply isn’t good enough for me. Why? Not a whole lot has happened for North Baton Rouge under the current Metro Council.

I know the things we’ve lost in North Baton Rouge under the Broome dynasty, grocery stores, hospitals, schools, and more. Yet we have again stayed true to electing people from her ranks.

Some won’t like this, and it is okay for you to disagree. Remember though, this is all about the details of what has been and the uncertainty of what will be. None of us can predict the future, but we must say that we are willing to work with Rep. Elect Edwards to make North Baton Rouge better. We must remember that even if we didn’t vote for Rep. Elect Edwards, she is still the candidate who will represent us. We must work with her to help move forward.

Although tonight is a win for Edwards on paper, it’s another feather in the hat of Sen. Sharon Weston-Broome. Now Edwards will pick a replacement for her seat on the Metro Council. Whomever she chooses let’s hope before she makes it that she looks at the district and doesn’t just promote from within, but looks to see who will fight for North Baton Rouge. We lost the most vocal person on the Metro Council with C. Denise Marcelle’s departure to the state legislature. Hopefully Edwards will give us an effective fighter.