The Rouge Collection 2019 Endorsements | Go Early Vote

Time gives us moments to step up and do something big that makes history. This election cycle you have the opportunity to help us elect for the first time in the history of the city of Baton Rouge a black Clerk of Court, Coroner, and Tax Assessor. As I release my endorsements for 2019 I’m ecstatic to have the opportunity to endorse a few people, because I know the level of excellence they will bring to the offices that they will hold. I’m going to share a few reasons why I’m supporting some candidates and I encourage you to support them as well. Whatever you do, get out and vote. Our local elections impact the quality of life for us as residents of this community. The people who hold these offices either help us become a more just society or maintain the status quo. As you know, I believe change is needed in our community and it doesn’t happen if we don’t go vote for new, bold, progressive leadership. 

Clerk of Court 

Donna Collins Lewis 

I want you to support the possibility of the first black woman to ever be elected Clerk of Court in the 200 year history of this parish. Donna is a proven leader, with 11 years of service on the East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Council. I support Donna because I’ve sat at the table with her to help create change in this community. She has a true heart of compassion and service. She will bring integrity to the office of the Clerk where there has been a pattern of misusing funds that has been well documented over the years. Donna’s ability to reach people from every side of the isle will give her the ability to heighten the profile of the clerk’s office and make its impact greater. Donna believes in equity and inclusion and I believe we will see the most progressive clerks office in its history. Join me in voting for Donna Collins Lewis. 


Dr. Rani Whitfield. 

It is no secret that Dr. Whitfield is my primary care physician, but more than that he’s my friend. Someone who I’ve worked along side to help impact the lives of people all over this community. Many know his as the Hip Hop Doc, but he’s truly a knowledgable physician with decades of experience in medicine. I believe that Dr. Whitfield will help this community tackle its health challenges and not just report the bad news from the office. It is critical we have the coroners office operate as the chief medical officer of this parish, someone who informs us of the health risk, and comes up with a collective strategy to address those risk. Dr. Whitfield if elected will become the first black coroner in the history of this parish. Please get out and vote Rani Whitfield for East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner. 

Tax Assessor 

Johnathan Holloway

Attorney Holloway will be a powerful tax assessor for EBR Parish. He’s been a lawyer in this community for years and helping clients win in court. Now he’s got the opportunity to help bring fairness and equity to the assessments of properties in East Baton Rouge Parish. Over the years we’ve seen report after report where big business gets to save money on their property taxes in this parish, while regular working people pay their fair share. Several commercial properties have shown up in the news repeatedly for under assessment. Johnathan will make sure that every property in this parish gets a fair assessment. This helps us ensure that our schools and community get the resources it needs to succeed. Tax Assessor is another position that has never had an African American serve in, and we can change that. I’m asking you to give Johnathan Holloway your support. 



John Bel Edwards

Lt. Governor 

Willie Jones

Secretary of State 

Gwen Collins-Greenup 

Attorney General 

Ike Jackson 


Derrick Edwards 

Commissioner of Agriculture 

Peter Williams 

BESE District 6 

Ciara Hart 

BESE District 8 

Chakesha Webb Scott 

State Senator District 14 

No Endorsement 

State Senator District 15 

Gary Chambers 

State Senator District 16 

Beverly Brooks Thompson 

State Representative District 63 

Dalton Honorè

State Representative District 66

Morgan Lamandre

State Representative District 67 

No Endorsement until runoff 

State Representative District 68

Taryn C. Branson 

State Representative District 70 

Belinda Davis 

District Judge Div. A. 

Tarvald Smith 

District Judge Div. L. 

Ronald “Ron” Johnson

Juvenile Court Judge 

Niles Haymer 

I support Niles Haymer because over the last few years, I’ve seen him take public positions around equity and justice that most attorney’s don’t take. He sued to have a change of venue for his client who had to go to court in a courthouse with a statue honoring the confederacy outside. While judges don’t get to express their opinions once elected, his positions align with progress for all people. We know that the school to prison pipeline is a real thing, and I believe Niles is going to be able to decrease the amount of kids we jail, by changing how we run juvenile court in Baton Rouge. Our kids attend the same school, and one of the first things I noticed was he was a dad in carpool most days just like me. That showed me how he valued his own children, which give me hope he will care for all our children who come before his court. I’m asking you to give this brother your support when you vote. 


No Endorsement