While the holidays should be filled with joy and glee, many families are experiencing a not so jolly holiday. AirAsia Indonesia flight QZ8501 went missing on Sunday morning after requesting a change in course because of the weather.  Ships, aircrafts, helicopters, and many other search parties have been looking for the lost airplane that held 162 passengers on board. Henry Bambang Soelistyo, Indonesia’s Search and Rescue Agency chief, stated that the area increased from four sectors to a seven sector search area. Soelistyo also believes that “the plane may have crashed into the sea based on the coordinates.”  The military has also donated an underwater locater to help find the aircraft’s black boxes.

During this time of need, the United States was asked to help with search efforts.  The USS Sampson is scheduled to search from the South China Sea in hope that they will find the lost passengers.

Authorities say that AirAsia should not be compared to the Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight that went missing in March and has yet to be found. AirAsia’s flight was over the Java Sea which is considered a shallow body of water and should be relatively easier to find. However, whether it is 40 meters or 4,000 meters plus depths, the plane and passengers are still missing and no one knows where they are.

AirAsia was scheduled to arrive in Changi at 8:30am Saturday morning.