“Thug N-word” text messages sent by Louisiana Judge Jessie Leblanc. She Should Resign.

Here we go again. A Louisiana Judge sent text messages using the N-word speaking of the friends of her ex-lover. Judge Jessie Leblanc of the 23rd Judicial Court District in Louisiana sent the text messages. The messages were obtained through a report done by WBRZ news in Baton Rouge that exposed the judge.

According to WBRZ, “The situation came to light in December when Judge Leblanc refused to sign a warrant citing a personal relationship she had with Prejean. Leblanc denied she ever said that. Instead, she claimed she had a connection to the undercover agent in the warrant, not Prejean. A lengthy investigation ensued, and Prejean admitted to the affair. Leblanc fled to Florida when the affair was revealed, and the Supreme Court appointed temporary judges to fill in for her. She returned to the bench this month.” 

Assumption Parish Sheriff Leland Falcon told WBRZ that, “racist text messages sent to his former Chief Deputy came from a phone belonging to embattled 23rd Judicial District Judge Jessie Leblanc. The messages are laced with comments that he claims are aimed at one of his African-American deputies and an African-American law clerk in Ascension Parish.”

Sheriff Falcon said former his Chief Deputy Bruce Prejean received the messages in December of 2018 and refer to Assumption Deputy Erick Taylor as a “dirty cop, thug, and a Nigger.” The racist rant is part of text messages we’ve obtained and will provide below. The sheriff also said the text messages refer to Judge Alvin Turner’s law clerk, Brianne Sterling as a “Nigger.”

Judge Jessie Leblanc should resign immediately. Her racism and bigotry are a disgrace to the bench. It’s bad enough she was caught up in an relationship with the deputy, to make matters worse she’s clearly a racist.

The 23rd JDC covers Ascension, Assumption, and St. James Parish’s. Black residents make up 29% of Assumption Parish, 23% of Ascension Parish, and 49% of St. James Parish. How do these tax paying citizens have a fair shot before this judge? This follows a similar situation of a Judge in Baton Rouge Mike Erwin who has since retired that was accused of calling a black woman the N-word at a Baton Rouge restaurant in 2018. 

Judges should display good judgement on and off the bench. A blatant expression of racism like this can’t be excused as a lovers quarrel. The entire situation speaks to the character of the judge and her judgement. She can be a racist and sleep with whoever she wants, that is her choice. She shouldn’t be a racist and sleep with the people coming before her court and remain a judge. 


Full text messages provided by the NAACP below.