Here they are! The songs that you couldn’t help but sing along to. Whether you were “all about that bass” or “living this here lifestyle” (whichever lifestyle that maybe), these are the top 14 songs of 2014!

All About That Bass #14.
Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” took radios and even our televisions (appearing on multiple commercials) by storm this summer. With its colorful beat and encouraging message, no one could get this song out of their heads. Meghan Trainor gave us a song appropriate for all ages, singing “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.” With its video having 448,796,403 views on Vevo, Trainor takes the 14th spot in our top 14 songs of 2014.

It’s You #13.
Sharing his soulful voice with us for over a decade, we thank KEM for creating his love ballad, “It’s You.” Released this fall, in typical KEM form, he takes a break from singing during the track to state, “It’s always been you, got a brother digging you girl.” We dig you to KEM! Check out the 13th song on our top 14 countdown below.

Studio #12.
Raise your hand if you really believed you were in a studio while listening to this song, I thought so. If the hook wasn’t enough, SchoolBoyQ’s smooth style, lyrics, and beat definitely made you a fan of this song. Though the song didn’t rack up as many Vevo views in comparison to other popular songs of 2014, Q’s “Studio” established him more-so as a mainstream artist. Studio receives the 12th position, in our top 14 countdown.

Lifestyle #11.
Did we ever figure out what “Lifestyle” Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug, and Birdman were living this past summer? Regardless of if we did or didn’t, it doesn’t matter, people can’t get enough of that song. Personally, I’ve heard this song played at all occasions and regardless of age everyone knows the hook. The 11th position in our countdown goes to “Lifestyle”!

Shake It Off #10.
Let’s play a game of fill in the blank. The haters gonna ___, ____,_ ___,______,_____! If you repeated the word hate 5xs congratulations, you were around for “The Year of Taylor Swift.” If she was not gracing the most prestigious red carpets or accepting awards for her numerous accomplishments, Swift was releasing the catchiest and most relatable pop songs of the year. Far different from Swift’s breakthrough country sound “Shake It Off” took the world by storm. Off of her fourth studio album, “Shake It Off” encourages women to just shake off whatever sadness their feelings from their latest heartbreak, by dancing to the song’s “sick beat”.   With 436,336,665 on Vevo, “Shake It Off” comes in 10th place in our top 14 countdown. 


No Flex Zone #9.
Who doesn’t love new talent? Rae Sremmurd was a breath of fresh air for hip-hop in 2014. Incorporating some pretty fancy choreography into their animated raps, you can’t help but love “No Flex Zone.” Catching the attention of Nicki Minaj, she partnered with the duo for the “No Flex Zone” remix, and has even hinted that they may accompany her on her next US tour. In the 9th spot with “No Flex Zone,” Rae Scremmurd is anticipated to bring a lot of talent into 2015.


The Worst #8.
What better way to deal with a break up than to sing “I don’t need you” a thousand times a day? If you were a fan of Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst”, then you know what I’m talking about. Aiko’s calm and angelic spirit was heard in her radio hit from her debut album Souled Out. Reading every girl’s mind when she sang, “Funny how everything changed, once you got all that you wanted nothing was ever the same.” Thank you Jhene, on behalf of myself and all the other girls in the world who have belted out “The Worst” lyrics in tough times. Check out the 8th song in our countdown below.


Stay With Me #7.
Speaking of break ups, Sam Smith also read girl’s minds everywhere when he simply asked, “Stay With Me.” Smith’s “Latch” follow up paraded at the top of the billboard charts for over 30 weeks this year. With its gospel-like sound and lyrics contrary to everything most of 2014’s songs stood for, “Stay With Me” sits at the number seven position in our countdown.

All of Me #6.
“All of Me”, John Legend’s first number one hit on the pop/rhythmic songs charts, was a force to be reckoned with in 2014. Created months before Legend married wife Chrissy Teigen, “All of Me” was also a wedding anthem. With its lyrics that speak of unconditional love, everyone could relate to our number six song, “All of Me.”


0 to 100/The Catch-Up #5.
Known for his gentle lyrics that sometime give Drake a reputation for being down right soft, Drake’s “0 to 100/The Catch-Up” challenged every critic who’s ever viewed him in that light. Opening the song with “F*#% being on some chill s*$!%…” this song gives us some of Drake’s most narcissistic versus (rightfully so), earning him the number five spot on our top 14 countdown.

Anaconda #4.
If you weren’t a fan of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” before you are now, thanks to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda.” With Minaj’s artwork for the song causing a stir-up on the internet, “Anaconda” was one of the year’s most anticipated songs.  With fiery and fierce lyrics “Anaconda” takes the fourth spot, in our top 14 countdown.

New Flame #3
Off of Chris Brown’s latest released album, X, he lets us know in “New Flame”, it’s okay to find love in the club. With the song’s rhythmic synth beat stuck in our head, the track that features Usher and Rick Ross was a welcome change from today’s pointless and degrading lyrics. Though it did not give us tricky metaphors to unfold or wasn’t a ballad confessing love, “New Flame” was a simple song that everyone could sing along to, earning the third spot in our top 14 countdown.

Drunk In Love #2.
Opening with the most eerie melody, this sassy ode to love allowed women to be comfortable in their risqué love-making, all in the name of celebrating love. Partnering on the track with her husband of six years, Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” gave us some of the most memorable phrases of 2014, “serfboard” and “graining on that wood”, to name a few. Nominated for a Grammy for best R&B song, “Drunk in Love,” earns our number two spot in our top 14 countdown.

Loyal #1.
If you’ve learned nothing else from this list, you’ve learned heartbreak is the one thing the world has in common. Which is probably the reason Chris Brown’s “Loyal” remained on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 36 weeks. Pairing with Lil Wayne and French Montana (on one of the four versions of the song), this song of betrayal and lack of trust was accompanied by the catchiest chorus we could not stop humming. With over 200,000,000 views on Vevo, the video’s setting and choreography easily took this track to the next level. Though the poignant lyrics of the song aren’t the kindest, the lyrics voice every way most feel about their exes. Here’s to everyone’s guilty pleasure, “Loyal”, in our number one spot for the top 14 songs of 2014.

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