We Can Stop Donald Trump From Becoming President of the United States (SIGN THE PETITION)


Millions of people around America are outraged that Donald Trump has won the presidency. A man who has disrespected women, Latino’s, disabled people, Muslims, the military, & African Americans is set to be sworn into office January 20th 2017. Donald Trump is an example of the worst of America and it is clear by the actions of people all over the country since his win on Tuesday.

America is supposed to be a democracy, where the vote of the majority of the people wins elections. In this case, Hillary Clinton won the majority of the vote, yet Donald Trump won the Electoral College which gives him the presidency. The Electoral College is un-American and should be done away with. Every election in America except the presidency is decided by the popular vote of the people, and so should it be with the most powerful seat in our country.

Most people believe there is nothing that can be done to stop Trump from becoming president, but there is one last chance. The electors of the Electoral College can vote against Trump and award their votes to Hillary Clinton. America should do away with the Electoral College and the way to do that is to revolt against it. The vote of the majority of American people should be the deciding factor of the presidency and nothing else.

The Electoral College was created so that smaller states would have a voice in elections. However, now millions of people in smaller states who cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton do not matter. For example, in my home state of Louisiana 779,535 people voted for Hillary Clinton, but the winner take all Electoral College process means only the votes for Trump counted from our state in the map. In Florida 4.4 million people voted for Hillary Clinton. In Georgia 1.8 million votes for Clinton. In North Carolina 2.1 million votes for Clinton, but the vote of the people is not what decides the election.

The majority of American’s voted for Hillary Clinton and she should be our president. Republicans stole the election from Al Gore in 2000 in the same fashion and there was no change. America should always be a place where the people are the deciding factor on who leads our nation, not a system that can be manipulated for one candidate to win, even when they did not win the popular vote.

Children are going to school where they are being harassed by other children who have been taught to hate by Trump supporting parents. At Southern Lehigh High School in Pennsylvania, students yelled, “cotton picker”, “Niggers”, and heiling Hitler to intimidate and harass students of color. At another school students walked the halls holding a Trump sign while yelling “White Power”. The stories of these types of incidents are mounting rapidly, Shaun King a writer for the New York Daily News has begun to compile and post them to his social media

This type of hatred and bigotry is why we must unite together and demand that the electors of the Electoral College reject the rules and go with the vote of the majority of the nation. A democracy is the vote of the people. Millions of people voted for Hillary Clinton and she won the majority vote in this nation. Our nation has come too far from the days the past to allow such a divisive, unqualified, bigoted man to enter into the most powerful office in the world.

America has changed the constitution and its rules along the way to become more progressive and just. An argument will be made that our constitution says this is how we elect leaders. Our constitution also denied women the right to vote, and enslaved black people, we changed that. We saw the error of our ways and adjusted to make our nation a more perfect union. We cannot be a more perfect union if we continue to elect people through a flawed system that allows the winner of the popular vote to yet again not become president. I am asking that you join me in signing this petition to encourage the members of the Electoral College to vote to elect Hillary Clinton President of the United States in their December meetings around the country. The respect, dignity, and future of our nation depends on reforming this now. The time for a political revolution in America is now, we can’t afford to risk four years of Trump.

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