Young, Black, and Investing, Meet Malcolm Egun

Contributing Writer: Jana Graber


Malcolm Egun, is a man with a plan, to say the least. In just 28 years, he’s gotten married and had a son, started a marketing agency, holds numerous investments and in just a few short months will launch his very own mobile app, FROGSHOP. Recently, he’s launched a free weekly investment series via Facebook where plants seeds of investment knowledge, hoping to help others grow their personal wealth.

Malcolm’s accomplishments aren’t a small feat for anyone, but they are even more incredible, as he is a child of working-class immigrants. Malcolm’s parents emigrated from Africa 30 years ago; his mother is an elementary school teacher from Liberia; his Nigerian father is a parole officer. They met in New Jersey, where Malcolm was born and raised.

It seemed from a young age he would be very successful, as his Nigerian surname is akin to leading healthcare professionals, business executives and science researchers. Malcolm was expectedly going to follow in the footsteps of the successful Egun’s before him, but he wasn’t sold on the conventional Nigerian route to achievement.

Malcolm enjoyed writing, and competition in the form of sports; he wasn’t big on critical thinking tasks and standardized tests.  His interests wouldn’t take him on the traditional path to success many people in his family had traveled. Little did his parents know he would become a trailblazer, not for only the Egun’s, but for the African-American community as a whole.

Malcolm attended Penn State University, where he majored in communications. After graduating, he would experience what would be some of the hardest years of his young life. He received several job offers and experienced numerous job losses. Malcolm’s ego was bruised but his endurance was not broken. With his wife’s reassurance, he took his losses in stride, soaking up knowledge from each and every one of his experiences as an employee; one of which would start him on the path to investment expertise.

He was working at Enterprise Rental Car Company when he impressed an executive from an Australian Wall Street firm and was recruited to what would begin his divine destiny.

“I began learning more and more about entrepreneurship and how businesses grow during this time. I learned most importantly about business strategy and how companies position themselves to make financial decisions 3-5 years out. I was blown away with the information given to me. I spoke and sold market industry research to investment bankers, private equity VPs, Presidents, CEOs, Investors, Consultants, Accountants, etc. I was taught in return how they structure their companies, how they invest, what to look for in each industry and most importantly, how to gauge performance. This was solid food for my brain.”

Malcolm’s time on Wall Street was ephemeral, but the information he absorbed would be perpetual. He accredits his time there to helping him understand how to launch his own tech company, become a heavy hitter in the investment world and launch his weekly webinar series “Mally Mal’s Investment Hangout.” Malcolm’s goal is to educate people, primarily people of color on all things investment related.

“I want to help others with my weekly webinars because many minorities are lost when it comes to investing. Many don’t know where to start and most are misinformed. Many believe that you need lots of money to get started, which is totally false. If a stock is worth just $1, that’s all you need. Period. My end goal is to amass a platform where I can reach a mass audience of minorities and get all of them to invest annually and shift their mentalities and thinking when it comes to money.”

The series will cover everything related to investing from tech, stocks, understanding markets, learning how to diversify your investments and developing strategies that fit your financial budget.

“Investing must be educated to the masses in order to create wealth for themselves and their families. We must not liquidate our assets for instant gratification, or things that hold “minimal value.”

You can catch Malcolm on his investment page “Mally Mal’s Investment Hangout” where he goes live every Tuesday night 9 PM EST, educating his people about all things investment related.